From Mother to Daughter

I found this one in the archives guys. Hope you enjoy!

I may come across as harsh sometimes…
But I promise I am misunderstanding in its purest form.
I am incomprehension;
I am the wrong lyrics to your favourite song.
I have a good heart though… I promise you…
I mean well when I let out these scolds…
I just mean to sound bold,
So when I speak the truth, you would hear it.
I see your life before you,
As you could never see it yourself…
This downward spiral – I can see you swirling, drowning in…
I can see that one star that just won’t sparkle anymore,
On Omarion’s belt.
All I’d like is to be your mirror…
Your Cinderella glass.
Your genie in a bottle,
So I could zap you into the past,
To remind you of who you are, who you used to be…
And ever so silently, I hope for you to return to me.


About Time

“I feel nothing,” you said. “I have nothing.”
You blurted these words out like they weren’t something –
that effortlessly pierced right through me – the final spear,
something that propelled me into a whirl of pain and despair.
I exhaust myself trying to prove all the affection within me,
so I wouldn’t always have you read, then doubt the truth in my emotional poetry,
And maybe, just maybe, win you over as a bonus,
But it’s the same old heart wrenching, twisted, mind boggling chorus.
That’s all I ever get from you! You… You… Charming invader of my soul!
Who completed my eternal puzzle and made me whole,
If only for more than a second… You ripped yourself out! You violent, insolent… flower!
You made me brave, powerful… A woman… and just as quickly, cower.
Skin and bone is all I am – Am I half empty? Half full? Who cares?!
It’s just damn euphemism for damn incompletion – something I’ve been used to for years.

And it’s about damn time this is something I’ve said.



I am heading north.
So are you.
We move in sync, parallel.

These humans would say:
“You’re well matched” and
“You have great chemistry”
But they don’t know
All we can do
Is gently push each other away.

They believe that they must:
separate when life leads them onto different paths,
and rejoice when they go the same way.
But here we are:
Same motion,
Same energy,
Equal force,
Yet, we still repel against each other.

I guess not every duo means compatibility,
Nor does compatibility mean a duo.

And I guess these humans
Have a lot to learn
About connection.


I’m Back!

So guys… Due to my heavy workload at school, I have been unable to post for quite a while now. Matter of fact, it’s been over a year since I last published a thought. Although I only have about 50 followers, I would just like to let you know that this break has paid off – I graduated with honours this year!! So happy xx. Now that it’s summer I will be posting a bit more & giving this page a fresh look. Thank you so much for your support and kind words, they mean more than you guys will ever know. Feel free to share my blog with friends and family – that would be truly appreciated. Hoping to get to 100 followers by the end of summer and to really start blogging seriously from then on!


Jolie Poete


Graveside Letters

I never thought I’d have these days,
When I’d yearn to sit beside your grave.
I forgot we lived on borrowed time,
That was not, and never could be, mine.
I thought time would grant me more than this,
More of your smile, your laugh – my bliss.
I thought time would lend itself to me,
To say the words that I held in.
But silently, suddenly, time left us,
Time betrayed us,
And selfishly took all our plans in its palms.
Time took your body, soul, mind – you
And time took a fraction of my heart too.
A little piece I can never regain,
Till I hear your voice again.

Writing graveside letters as the tears fall,
The ink is smudged, but I don’t care,
I’ll wipe my cheek when I have you here.


He Leaves His Mark…

Do you know,
What the beggar feels,
As he buries his head,
In the trash?
He feels something,
Much more than hunger,
He feels…
His past.
He used to be,
A bank manager,
Making dollars,
As he pleased.
But money,
Isn’t all,
That a young man,
All he yearned for,
Was love,
To feel wanted,
To really… smile.
And when,
They met,
He thought she’d,
Be worth the while.
Could a guy,
Be more wrong?
She vanished with,
A man he didn’t know.
He sat up,
Alone in bed,
Piecing his heart,
But he could not sew…
And breaking.
Depression in the making.
Cocaine’s worth the taking.
Poor guy,
Disoriented mind,
The job’s got to go,
He can’t do it no more…
And life,
Takes a downhill turn.
The joints burn,
The money, blown.
Forget the mortgage,
His former workplace,
Took his home…
And he has nothing,
Of his own.
Except the fragments,
Of his heart.
You can find,
A piece of it,
Near every corner,
in the city.
He leaves his mark…
He has,
No mark left,
To leave.